Season 1, Episode 1:


Written, edited, & voiced by Daisy McNamara

In the scorching heat of a Rhode Island summer, even a puddle can provide some relief.

Season 1, Episode 2:

And It Was This Big

Written & narrated by Rebecca Lynde-Scott
Edited by Daisy McNamara

Growing up and discovering your own personal monster -- and obsession.

Season 1, Episode 3:

Plumber Training Video #1

Written & voiced by Loggerhead
Edited by Daisy McNamara

Bad shit is going down.

Season 1, Episode 4:


Written & narrated by J.E. Haywood
Edited by Tal Minear

“Undertow” was a warning we knew would never apply to us.
Then it did.

Season 1, Episode 5:

Treading Water

Written by Ash Seguinte
Narrated by Elijah Harper
Edited by Daisy McNamara & Ash Seguinte

The world record for treading water is 108 hours, set by a guy in Malta in 1986. But he was a proper diver who’d trained for it, so no offense, but I don’t think you’re in the same league, so to speak. Still! Two hours is not nothing! Especially for a non-swimmer! And you’re still going strong!

Season 1, Episode 6:


Written by Loggerhead
Voiced by Karim Kronfli
Edited by Daisy McNamara

A therapy video chat about a nice relaxing party near a stream. What's that noise?

Season 1, Episode 7:


Written by Lou Sutcliffe
Edited by Daisy McNamara
Voiced by Kirsty Woolven & Leanne Egan

A stream of a stream is interrupted by something unearthly.

Season 1, Episode 8:

Narcissus in the Mud

Written & edited by Daisy McNamara
Voiced by Amy Young

Spring is his least favorite season to hike in.

Season 1, Episode 9:

Like a Fish to Water

Written by Ash Seguinte
Voiced Hera Alexander
Edited by Daisy McNamara, & Ash Seguinte

You’ve seen the sign. Of course you have. You’ve been working at the corn dog shack all day, so you’ve for sure seen the sign. And ok, TOXIC ALGAE BLOOM sounds pretty intense. But, like, if it were actually dangerous, the beach would be closed, right?

Season 1, Episode 10:

Umbrellas Over Seattle

Written & voiced by Rebecca Lynde-Scott
Edited by Daisy McNamara

Seattle is a town famous for its rain. What happens when rain can kill?

about the show

Water is the substance that binds us all together.
Water is what gives us life.
And Water can be what ends it.

Waterlogged is a short form horror anthology podcast highlighting the underutilized forms of water. Instead of rivers and oceans, we focus on plumbing, puddles, mist, and more. Created by Daisy McNamara, & produced Law of Names Media.

cast & crew

Amy Young

Amy is best known for learning a Transatlantic accent in 2 months, having a pretty good documentary voice, and asking way too many questions literally all the time. She is a US based voice actor, writer, sound designer, and occasional composer for several podcasts. In addition to Waterlogged, Amy has worked on other Law of Names properties such as Breathing Space, Translating Arcadia, para/Normal, and Devoid of Space. She can also be heard in Blake Skye: Private Eye, and SINKHOLE. You can find Amy on Twitter and Bluesky.

Actor: Narcissus in the Mud

Ash Seguinte

Ash is an aggressively enthusiastic creator-of-things in Northern California who's not sure if he stopped trying to do things the right way, or never actually knew in the first place. He's queer & autistic, which you probably figured out if you've seen any of his work.He founded & manages for Law of Names Media, and releases an increasingly wide range of stuff under that label. He could list it out, or you could just go look at his portfolio-ish website if you're curious.He lives in Sacramento, California in a Freehold with his husband, another debatably Arcadian, six cats with lofty names, a dog called Ivysaur, and cages full of creepy dolls. He's still on Twitter both personally and as Law of Names.

Writer: Like a Fish to Water, Treading Water
Production Assistant & Website Manager

Daisy McNamara

Daisy McNamara (she/he) stumbled into podcasting and had to commit. She studied marine biology and theatrical costume, and spends most of her time wandering the beach or knitting. You can hear his work on Mayfair Watcher’s Society, Meddling with Monsters, SCP Archives, and Eelers Choice, among others.

Writer: Puddle, Narcissus in the MudEditor: Puddle, And It Was This Big, Plumber Training Video #1, Dam(n), Treading Water, Narcissus in the Mud, Umbrellas Over Seattle, Like a Fish To Water
Show Runner & Production Manager

Elijah Harper

Elijah Harper is an Australian musician, sound designer, and voice actor. Outside of creative work, Elijah dabbles in tabletop gaming and linguistics, and in arguing that both of those things are also creative work. Elijah’s voice can be heard in the Anguilliform Chorus of Eeler’s Choice, and in their debut EP “FINE,”, an EP that was intended to be pop but inevitably turned into musical theatre. You can find Elijah’s work on Bandcamp and their website, and you can occasionally find them yelling about it all on Tumblr.

Actor: Treading Water

Hera Alexander

Hera Alexander loves saying words into microphones and frankly the difficult part is getting her to stop to breathe. She is still new to the scene but is enjoying every minute. She enjoys video games, talking about dogs, washing up on cold, forgotten shores following a sudden and mysterious storm, and books. Anyone who wants an excitable person to make sounds into a mic can find her at @HeraAlexanderVA on Twitter or you can howl haunting melodies at the full moon. That second one won’t get her attention but it will be fun.

Actor: Like a Fish to Water


Jessy has been using stories to give her imagination a voice since she was a child explaining why she's crying again. In school she learned to improve her stories by expanding the audience outside of herself, doing what she could to please her teacher and peers. As an autistic adult, she's gone back to sharing why she's crying, but the sharing now comes with a knowledge that others are crying too. Much like the land of Vermont where Jessy lives, life can not only be cold, isolating, and dark but also warm, comforting, and a place of camaraderie for others who have been there before. She can be found on Instagram.

Writer: Undertow
Editor: Narcissus in the Mud
Actor: Undertow

Kirsty Woolven

Kirsty Woolven is an actor based in the construct known as the Midlands, and when it's not flood season (ask her about Dennis!). You can find their work in Apollyon, Devoid of Space, The Sheridan Tapes, The Secret of St Kilda and more at their website. They can also be found on Twitter and Bluesky.

Actor: WoodlandASMR

Leanne Egan

Leanne spends a frankly unhinged amount of time producing their show Tell No Tales. They can also be heard in Eeler’s Choice, Syntax, and the upcoming Forged Bonds. Outside of podcasting, they spend an equally unhinged amount of time writing gay little books about idiots in love. They can be found on Twitter.

Actor: WoodlandASMR


Loggerhead hatched in the US state of North Dakota and really enjoyed horror from the get go. After Graduating with a degree in geology, he worked in various industries over nearly two decades until stumbling into a opportunity to write for Waterlogged. He can be found on Twitter.

Writer: Dam(n), Plumber Training Video #1
Actor: Plumber Training Video #1

Lou Sutcliffe

Lou Sutcliffe (ey/em) is an autistic nonbinary word sorceror from the northwest of England, perpetrator of such audiodramas as the Pantaloon Society and Eeler's Choice. By day ey are a data scientist, undisputed monarch of a petty kingdom of spreadsheets. Ey live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and refuse to leave unless enticed away with the promise of LARP.

Writer: WoodlandASMR

Rebecca Lynde-Scott

Rebecca Lynde-Scott (she/her) was raised in Florida, but ran away from home to join the circus move to Seattle in her twenties. Now in her forties, she happily continues to live there with her wife. Never leave her alone with yarn or fiber, who knows what she'll do.

Writer: Umbrellas Over Seattle, And It Was This Big

Tal Minear

Tal (they/them) is a voice actor, sound designer, and fiction podcast producer. They're the creator of Re:Dracula, Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, and several other productions that can be found hiding under rugs and around corner.

Editor: Undertow